The tale of a one eyed cat and Sumo Costumes.

Mary Skinner, the magic behind Skinner’s Cupcakes & Pastries and Skinners Treats for dogs, shared this story about her one eyed cat.

Mary and Lucy Skinner

In March 2006 we were celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday.  I decided to rent some Sumo Costumes for a little added fun from a local business just a mile down the road.  As I am pulling in here comes this sweet little cat…MY cat.  As the guy approaches I pick up Stroker and begin petting him.  I tell him “this is my cat” of course he looks at me thinking I am crazy.  He continues to tell me the cat he calls “One Eyed Jack” has been visiting him for at least a year, just comes and goes.  I explain that I live just down the road and that my cat comes in to eat and sleep and then spends the remainder of the time outside.  What a little traitor!  Here he comes home to eat and sleep then goes to the neighbors for day time attention while we are at work.  So after much convincing I load up in the car with Stroker in tow.  I am just laughing at the idea that my 7 year old cat that I have had since a kitten is such a little traitor.  He was so sweet on the way home..sucking up I am sure.  As I pull up to the house and get out carrying him I notice something…
This is not my cat!  Oh my goodness.  As the new cat “One Eyed Jack” jumps out of my arms and under the car to escape my cat, Stroker, who is growling and ready to kill I am speachless.  As I am laughing at myself I have to call my husband to tell him what is happening.  “…the cat is the exact same color, he’s missing the same eye…”  How funny is it just 1 mile down from my house my cat has a twin.  Unheard of!  So as I am trying to keep this poor cat from being eaten alive by my now furious cat I am realizing I have to take this poor kitty back home.  My Husband ask “How do you know which one is Stroker?” Easy…”He is the one ready to kill someone”  Stroker is a pro at defending his turf and he was NOT happy to say the least.  As I packed One Eyed Jack back in the car for the trip to his new found home all I could think to say is…”Funny story, this isn’t my cat, but my cat is MMAAAADDDD”  Luckily the guy had a good sense of humor.  Watch out for look alikes!
One eyed cat

Stroker, or is it One Eye Jack....

Australian shepherds

Festus, Cleo and Lucy Skinner. Official tasters of Skinner's Treats.

Australian Shephed

Cleo, the face of Skinner's Treats.

The Story of Bella Mia, My Bischon Frise – Rosalynn DeFelice


Beschon Frise

Grandma Rosalynn and Bella Mia her Bischon Frise on the porch in strawberry season.

My Grandma Rosalynn DeFelice wrote this story of her beloved Bella Mia when I asked friends and family if they would like to share their pet stories.  She typed it on a typewriter so I have uploaded it just as she gave it to me.


Bischon Frise