If you are, ever have been or ever intend to be owned by a cat this is very important information.

The Kitty Constitution as dictated to Nique, the Ambassador to:
The United Coalition of Kitties for World Domination, established 1046 BC.
We the Cats
of Your Household, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility do ordain and establish this Constitution for the entire Cat Population.
Article 1.
Section 1:All Responsibility herein shall be granted to the Humans of the Household, fully revokable at any time.
Section 2: Humans will secure and provide sustenance daily, recurring same time, without exception. Petting and Play shall be daily rituals.
Section 3: Sun, Water, and Verbal Adoration will be provided in abundance.

Section 4: Under no circumstances will kitties be forcibly removed from premises.

All dogs are Subservient creatures subject to ridicule for the amusement of the Cats.

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