Artie the Papillon, Manager of the Household

As I said, I am the most important member of my household.  I am the manager of just about everything.  Nothing would get done properly without me.  Just look at this if you don’t believe me.

Inspecting the care and maintenance of the yard.

Keeping the squatter, Cricket, upstair where she belongs until I can evict her. I must admit that Bogey's very helpful here.

The cleanliness of my mom's face.

I am the only competent line judge for the volleyball games.

Taste testing the cat food.

Managing human meal preparation with my assistant, Bogey.

The care and feeding of the humans. Unfortunately they generally clean their plates without my help.

General cat supervision. Domino here requires the most attention.

I spend forever in the bathroom managing the humans getting ready in the morning. Boring, but necessary.

I help my dad plot courses for his submarine game.

I will keep you posted as I think of the many other chores I preform aroung here.

Artie – Management of the Ryan Household

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