Mary and Bella, feline cold war.

” I was here first.”


I was happy as an only cat for years.  I had my mom to myself and when she could tear herself away from me and I was provided with, Amy a pretty good substitute servant.  I like her because she appreciates my need for treats and a lap.  Then the unthinkable happened.  Bella, another cat (and her human-training them is so hard) moved in.  We disliked each other immediately.  It was MY house, she did not belong and I made that clear, but my efforts were in vain, she’s still here.

“I like it here, except for Mary.”



Moving is very stressful for me but once we settled into our new home I made myself comfortable and began a campaign to rid myself of Mary.  I thought this would be simple, she’s kind of soft, always playing sweet to the humans, never putting them in their place.  Humans require intensive training and follow up sessions on a regular basis to remind them who is in charge.  This includes but is not limited to swatting and hissing in the middle of a required adoration session to keep them on their toes.  This is sometimes followed up by allowing more affection immediately or simply walking away.  You have to keep them guessing.  The same tactics, modified to terrorize a cat, were be employed for my Rid the House of Mary Campaign”.  Thus far this has only resulted in much hissing and growling the humans discourage for some reason.


Mary and Bella:

This battle for dominence continued until the most unthinkable thing in the world happened:



Labrador retriever
“My name’s Millie and I love my new home.”



Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Our out and out war had to be altered to a cold war, allowing us to join forces occasionally in a covert operation to rid our home of this vile creature.  We have tried everything from blaming any and every thing the humans dislike on the dog, ignoring the humans as punishment and attacks on the enemy.  Alas, we are still at war but considering that cat’s are far superior to dogs, we will eventually prevail.

Until we do we now look forward to our humans leaving because the dog leaves too.  Training Amy the substitute is an ongoing process but she’s preferable to the dog.


Bella the calico cat
“It’s exhausting being a cat.”


Mary the cat gettin gpets
“Lap time with Amy.”


















6 thoughts on “Mary and Bella, feline cold war.

  1. Totally wonderful story…antagonist and protagonist joining forces against a new enemy. Each has a distinctive voice and personality. Great job!
    [ Do the pets leave you notes? Voice mails? Is it psychic communication? ]

  2. Sweet pets . . . In the LinkedIn pet blog thread you invited links to others’ work. You’re welcome to link to our blog, “Chelonian Connection: Turtles!” at It’s about about the turtles in our cognitive behavior lab, who share the roles of socialized household members and behavioral research subjects. It includes stories (some from our book in process), photos, and more. One post is about a collaborative poem one of my students and I published in BluePrintReview at It’s based on an old Japanese party-game form, with players taking turns in improvising haiku-like stanzas of three lines and responses of two lines. My student wrote the three-line stanzas from the point of view of an educated turtle–like the entries from the POVs of dogs and cats in your blog. I wrote the responses. Enjoy.

    • I very much enjoyed, and subscribed to, your blog. The work you are doing with the turtles is fascinating, thank you for sharing it. I love turtles and the box Turtle is protected in Indiana I believe. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Hi Happy Critters! My Mommy found you through her Linked In group for animals, where you posted this great blog of yours. Don’t be offended that I am a dog writing you…I have 3 cat sisters, 2 dog Uncles and a dog cousin. We have our share of antics, but get along well.
    I loved the different perspectives from each of you…great reading…made me and Mommy laugh out loud!
    I hope we can be friends now that i found you. I am creating a blog roll of pet blog friends on my blog. Will you follow my blog, then I can add a link for your blog. I also want to sign up for your blog updates too…do you do that?
    So very nice to meet you my friends, come visit sometime (if you don’t mind my being a dog!

    • I’m glad you Mommy lets you use the computer. Artie does a lot of work around here but the computer is off limits to him. He dictates his posts, I don’t’ trust him!

      I’m delighted you enjoyed the post. I changed the theme to make it easier to use. There is a register button along the top now. That should let you subscribe.

      I have subscribed to your blog, it looks to be fun and informative. I look forward to it coming into my inbox.

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