Cats Simon, Millie, Z Z and Fred Keep Track of their Pet Sitter

To our humans,

We are unsure how you can bear to leave us as often as you do, but you do manage it. You have provided a substitute servant for us and over the years she has improved her efficiency and been able to spend more time offering us her lap and providing pets.

Simon reminds me of my priorities - canned food of course.

She does not let us outdoors at all which is frustrating.  Except that Fred gets to go out, unfair!

Fred keeping track of Z Z

(Fred here:  I do get access to the house this time, at last, but she is still a bit scary.  I have allowed her to pet me a few times though.  She does provide canned food after all and I just can’t resist trying to trip when when she’s carrying it.)

(Pet sitter’s note:  Fred is a feral cat who over the last 3-4 years has become an increasingly more domesticated cat of his own accord. What is a feral cat? )

(Simon here: She is spending way to much time letting Fred in and out this trip though.)

She does not visit us nearly long or often enough.  Perhaps she could stay here next time to attend to our needs appropriately?

We are also dissatisfied with the areas of the house unjustly off limits to us.  She refuses to open the doors or let us into these areas that are rightfully ours.  Apparently someone has barricaded the doors this time so we can’t even provide access ourselves.

(Simon again:  The guest bathroom is also closed, this is surely an oversight on your part as you know that I like to look out he window in that room.  Filling the bathtub was just for fun, I only did it once and I probably wouldn’t do it again.  Haven’t you heard of second chances?)

Simon on his way to keep track of my activities.

Millie being disturbed from her wistful watching of the outside world.

(Millie here:  She sometimes will try to clean my eyes which is unacceptable behavior.  Period.  I do give her a bit of affection from time to time, even sitting in her lap occasionally.  She keeps the boxes clean, but not quite up to my exacting standards.)

(Z Z here:  At last she is letting my best friend Fred in the house.  I don’t understand why she isn’t letting me out when he goes out.  At least he gets to come in.  It’s also unfair that he gets access to the areas of the house off limits to us when he comes and goes.  Who knows what we are missing in there?)

Best Friends reunited.

ZZ showing off his best side.

As a rule, leaving us is unacceptable of course.  But, f you could make the above changes in the servants routine, (Amy is it?) we may consider not knock over any more lamps.

That’s our offer.

Simon, Millie, Fred and Z Z

We are Just to busy….

Happy Holidays from the critters of Amy’s Happy Critters, Inc.,

They would like to me to let everyone know that they still have plenty to say but the holidays are just to busy a time to mess with it.  Some of the reasons I have been given are:

  • “It’s hard work inspecting and approving or disapproving of all the strangers that the humans just let walk right in.”
  • “The door bell rang again!  Someone’s here to see ME!”
  • “The door is open….perhaps I can sneak out…”
  • “The floors, counters, kitchen tables, coffe tables, laps of visitors, (in Riley the Wonder Dog’s case-refrigerators) and especially small children are a source of so many treats, it’s a full time job scavenging.”
  • “New laps to sit on, I hope some of them don’t like cats.”
  • ‘Toddlers, watch your tails.”
  • “My humans are gone, again, and the substitute does not live here.  Boring.”

As you can see, the critters are busy.

They assure me they will have much to report in 2011!


Teddy is a Champ, in More then One Sense!

Teddy doing yoga

"My yoga practice helps me to maintain my flexibility."

I am one of two dogs in my household, the youngest and by far the most handsome, in my opinion.  Apparently some dogs like to give their Report Card together but I would like to speak on my own.

Amy has been my pet sitter since I was a cute little puppy.  She does the same thing each day when she arrives which I very much appreciate as routine is an important part of my life.  She does not try to brush me which is nice.  I do require belly rubs before exiting my crate and she gives me some, but not nearly enough despite the fact that I refuse to come out of my crate until she ignores me.  At this point I’d just as soon join my brother Casey in the yard.  I think she wastes time cleaning the cat boxes while we are outside which seems pointless.  Then the good stuff starts.  We get to walk!  Since I prefer to avoid the tile she is very accommodating and sticks to the carpet.  We have a brisk walk but there is not enough time to mark everything that requires it which is a bit frustrating at times.  My brother doesn’t like the heat and we don’t like to be separated so when it is to hot or to cold we get to play games indoors.  She gets out our puzzles and makes us hunt for treats.  We are very smart so it doesn’t take long to solve them but it is still fun! (Pet Sitter Note: Buy puzzle toys here)

Ch. Marnus Clearing the Bases

I used to go to big buildings just full of other dogs – oh the smells!  I apparently had a job of some sort, but all I ever did was trot around a ring, get hot dogs then have some new person pet me all over.  I love hot dogs, I was often able to sneak extra ones since humans are easily distracted.  The brushing was way over the top in these buildings but all in all it was worth it.  I don’t do this anymore.  I am some sort of ABC, AKC, ARC champion now and have finished my job.  I love home but sometimes I miss the smells and especially the hot dogs.

We’ve had other sitters and they have been just fine but I really like that Amy sticks to our routine though I wish she wouldn’t wast time with the cats and a hotdog now and then might be nice…….

Deano has specific requests

Deano before walking
Did you know she makes me wear this thing too?

My mom saved me from large building full of cages that were filled with lots of barking dogs.  I had a very painful wound on my leg so she was just supposed to keep me until I was better and a real home could be found but, I was so charming I was able to stick around for good.  As my mom put it, “he just sort of never left.”

I like things done the right way.  Putting that thing on me is not the right way but both Amy and my human insist on it and, since it seems to be required for a walk, I put up with it.  I like to walk briskly with many stops to sniff and mark.  Amy won’t let me mark all of the flowers and garbage cans that require it and this is very frustrating.  We do move fast when I want to though.  After my walk I require a few minutes in the yard.  I had to make this very clear to Amy as she just didn’t understand that this had to be part of our time together.  Fresh water is required each visit but she seemed to know this one, very odd for a human to be so well trained, but don’t look a gift human in the mouth.  Petting is another thing she gets right.  I particularly like it when she sits on the porch steps and I get to lean against her for pets and a hug or two.  It’s another thing that, oddly, required very little training.  All in all since she’s the only pet sitter I’ve ever had, I guess she does a good job.

Mr. Man aka "Missa" smiling to the end.

Pet Sitter Note: Missa was lost to cancer in May 2010.  Tragically Utley was lost to cancer as well a couple of months later.  Both boys lived, long full lives filled with of love and all the doggie fun they could ask for.  It has been a dificult year for Deano and his human but I think they are a great comfort to one another.
All three dogs were adopted from The Humane Society of Indianapolis (HSI) Deano’s human has been a valuable and dedicated foster parent to HSI for years.  It’s always lots of fun to see just who will be waiting for me at Deano’s house!
Deano and Utley morning the passing of Missa

Deano with his brother Utley mourning the recent loss of their other brother, Mr. Man, aka "Missa"

If you are, ever have been or ever intend to be owned by a cat this is very important information.

The Kitty Constitution as dictated to Nique, the Ambassador to:
The United Coalition of Kitties for World Domination, established 1046 BC.
We the Cats
of Your Household, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility do ordain and establish this Constitution for the entire Cat Population.
Article 1.
Section 1:All Responsibility herein shall be granted to the Humans of the Household, fully revokable at any time.
Section 2: Humans will secure and provide sustenance daily, recurring same time, without exception. Petting and Play shall be daily rituals.
Section 3: Sun, Water, and Verbal Adoration will be provided in abundance.

Section 4: Under no circumstances will kitties be forcibly removed from premises.

All dogs are Subservient creatures subject to ridicule for the amusement of the Cats.

Ziggy has his say, twice it seems

Ziggy on a cold weather walk

We walk in almost all weather

Ziggy’s say as dictated to his mom:

“To Whom It May Concern,

My Name is Ziggy and I am an adorable 4 year old miniature poodle (if I do say so, myself).  Amy’s Happy Critters, Inc. has been walking me 7 days a week for over 3 years.  Amy, herself, comes every day, no matter what the weather is, and takes me for a vigorous stroll.  Some days when my owner, … is very busy and can’t be home, she gives me my food.  When Amy’s not going to be available, she makes arrangements to have someone capable come and visit me.

I really love Amy, especially when she calls me Handsome, and look forward to seeing her every day.  She’s extremely dependable, kindhearted and we always have a good time together.  If you’re considering hiring someone to pet sit or exercise your pet, I don’t believe you could find anyone better than Amy. …”

Ziggy’s report card: Ok, my mom sort of pulled the above statement out of me before serving lunch, I couldn’t help myself.  We do walk in almost all weather but that’s not always a good thing in my  opinion.  I have very delicate feet, snow can be a bit to cold for them.  At least she has the sense to not walk me when it’s salty.  In the summer though, we have a great time.  We see deer and all other types of invaders to my space.  I chase them all away of course.

But I guess this is a report on her, not me, unfortunately.  Humans in general just don’t move fast enough but she does her best.  She even runs up the steps sometimes, but not nearly often enough or fast enough. (pet sitter’s note: it’s 70 steps landscaped into the side of a steep ravine, he has four feet and is a bit younger then I am!)  I do get to chase the wildlife away but I am discouraged from challenging invading dogs for some reason.  Unfortunately, despite how slow she is in general, she’s often fast enough to keep me from getting tasty tidbits like dead mice.  She allows the neighborhood humans to admire me, which is appropriate.  I do very much enjoy our walks along the Monon when I stay at the kennel.  All in all, she is pretty good at her job, despite the fact she is never quick enough with my lunch.

Burmese Kitties Think it May be a Bit Early for a Visit

Cuddled up in bed 🙂

Dear Humans,

Over the years we have come to accept your need to travel from time to time.  After all, we need our solitude and that can be a bit of a challenge to have that with humans underfoot.  We do appreciate the substitute feeder that you have provided. She does waste to much time watering plants and messing with garbage cans though.  Food and water are provided as instructed.

Molly Brown speaks out:  I decided that Amy was acceptable in only 5 years.  She is fortunate that I decided so quickly.  I still have to remind her that treats are required before leaving but all in all she’s not the worst servant we have had to train.

Matilda has her say:  She puts the goop and the powder in our canned food and I am not crazy about that.  She does visit at inconvenient cat nap times occasionally.  But, I agree with Molly Brown, she was easily trained.

We have decided that if you must leave us that providing a substitute servant is mandatory.  We would like you to provide a constant attendant but part time help will apparently have to do and as we are used to her, Amy will nicely.

Molly Brown and Matilda