Three Cats in Disbelief, “You Left Us? Again?!!”

Food at last!


We can’t believe that you left us with a part time attendant and took the dog to spend the weekend in the country.  As you can see we are starving here while you are gone.  We know she’s your cousin, can’t you get her to move it or something?  We require more attention and more food.  We had to pull the plastic food bin out from under the chair, open it and tear into the bag to get at the food last night to prevent starvation.  (We were sure to close the lid again as fresh food is important to us.)  Now our so called caretaker has put the food in the laundry room and closed the door.  What will we do later when hunger sets in?  Humans seem to have no regard for the delicate dietary needs of felines, at least not in this house.  The only kind words we have for her are that she pets us and acknowledges our exceptional attractiveness.  The fresh water and clean box are appreciated too.  Still, we prefer live-in care, see what you can do about that for next time.

Romeo, Peanut and Charlie

PS:  You can leave the dog in the country if you want.