Facebook page Dedicated to Foster Pets, Rescue and Adpotion

Miss Kory "Likes" the Amy's Happy Foster Critters page she inspired!

I created a Facebook page devoted to foster pets called Amy’s Happy Foster Critters. I created this page so you can choose whether or not you’d like to hear every detail about any foster pet I might encounter. Many of you will hear more then you care to straight from me. Others lucky enough to be spared that, may, like me, spend your time feeling so sorry for the pet that you try to convince yourself and everyone you know they NEED to adopt. So, this new page is not for the soft hearted or those on my speed dial. I just hope it helps even one pet find a forever home.

Please share it with anyone who is interested in adoption, fostering, rescue or other animal welfare issues.  You never know when that special pet will choose it’s human!

Miss Kory my Foster Dog from Indianapolis Animal Control

I picked Mis Kory up at Animal Care and Control lsat night.  She is spayed, current on her vaccinations, temperament tested and looking for her forever home.  I will post more information about her personality and temperament as I get to know her.  Please pass this along and consider volunteering, fostering, donating, or adopting with Indianapolis Animal Care and Control as they are over loaded and woefully understaffed.


If you are, ever have been or ever intend to be owned by a cat this is very important information.

The Kitty Constitution as dictated to Nique, the Ambassador to:
The United Coalition of Kitties for World Domination, established 1046 BC.
We the Cats
of Your Household, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility do ordain and establish this Constitution for the entire Cat Population.
Article 1.
Section 1:All Responsibility herein shall be granted to the Humans of the Household, fully revokable at any time.
Section 2: Humans will secure and provide sustenance daily, recurring same time, without exception. Petting and Play shall be daily rituals.
Section 3: Sun, Water, and Verbal Adoration will be provided in abundance.

Section 4: Under no circumstances will kitties be forcibly removed from premises.

All dogs are Subservient creatures subject to ridicule for the amusement of the Cats.