Kitty Grinch Says, “I Must stop Christmas from coming, but how?”

We are Just to busy….

Happy Holidays from the critters of Amy’s Happy Critters, Inc.,

They would like to me to let everyone know that they still have plenty to say but the holidays are just to busy a time to mess with it.  Some of the reasons I have been given are:

  • “It’s hard work inspecting and approving or disapproving of all the strangers that the humans just let walk right in.”
  • “The door bell rang again!  Someone’s here to see ME!”
  • “The door is open….perhaps I can sneak out…”
  • “The floors, counters, kitchen tables, coffe tables, laps of visitors, (in Riley the Wonder Dog’s case-refrigerators) and especially small children are a source of so many treats, it’s a full time job scavenging.”
  • “New laps to sit on, I hope some of them don’t like cats.”
  • ‘Toddlers, watch your tails.”
  • “My humans are gone, again, and the substitute does not live here.  Boring.”

As you can see, the critters are busy.

They assure me they will have much to report in 2011!


Burmese Kitties Think it May be a Bit Early for a Visit

Cuddled up in bed 🙂

Dear Humans,

Over the years we have come to accept your need to travel from time to time.  After all, we need our solitude and that can be a bit of a challenge to have that with humans underfoot.  We do appreciate the substitute feeder that you have provided. She does waste to much time watering plants and messing with garbage cans though.  Food and water are provided as instructed.

Molly Brown speaks out:  I decided that Amy was acceptable in only 5 years.  She is fortunate that I decided so quickly.  I still have to remind her that treats are required before leaving but all in all she’s not the worst servant we have had to train.

Matilda has her say:  She puts the goop and the powder in our canned food and I am not crazy about that.  She does visit at inconvenient cat nap times occasionally.  But, I agree with Molly Brown, she was easily trained.

We have decided that if you must leave us that providing a substitute servant is mandatory.  We would like you to provide a constant attendant but part time help will apparently have to do and as we are used to her, Amy will nicely.

Molly Brown and Matilda