Teddy is a Champ, in More then One Sense!

Teddy doing yoga

"My yoga practice helps me to maintain my flexibility."

I am one of two dogs in my household, the youngest and by far the most handsome, in my opinion.  Apparently some dogs like to give their Report Card together but I would like to speak on my own.

Amy has been my pet sitter since I was a cute little puppy.  She does the same thing each day when she arrives which I very much appreciate as routine is an important part of my life.  She does not try to brush me which is nice.  I do require belly rubs before exiting my crate and she gives me some, but not nearly enough despite the fact that I refuse to come out of my crate until she ignores me.  At this point I’d just as soon join my brother Casey in the yard.  I think she wastes time cleaning the cat boxes while we are outside which seems pointless.  Then the good stuff starts.  We get to walk!  Since I prefer to avoid the tile she is very accommodating and sticks to the carpet.  We have a brisk walk but there is not enough time to mark everything that requires it which is a bit frustrating at times.  My brother doesn’t like the heat and we don’t like to be separated so when it is to hot or to cold we get to play games indoors.  She gets out our puzzles and makes us hunt for treats.  We are very smart so it doesn’t take long to solve them but it is still fun! (Pet Sitter Note: Buy puzzle toys here)

Ch. Marnus Clearing the Bases

I used to go to big buildings just full of other dogs – oh the smells!  I apparently had a job of some sort, but all I ever did was trot around a ring, get hot dogs then have some new person pet me all over.  I love hot dogs, I was often able to sneak extra ones since humans are easily distracted.  The brushing was way over the top in these buildings but all in all it was worth it.  I don’t do this anymore.  I am some sort of ABC, AKC, ARC champion now and have finished my job.  I love home but sometimes I miss the smells and especially the hot dogs.

We’ve had other sitters and they have been just fine but I really like that Amy sticks to our routine though I wish she wouldn’t wast time with the cats and a hotdog now and then might be nice…….