Our priority is your pet! Providing professional, customized pet sitting and dog walking in the Mooresville and Indianapolis, Indiana areas. Since 2003.

Why Hire a Pet Sitter?

Katie the Maltese. Happy Critter since 2004
Can your dog go to work with you? No. Can kitty go on vacation with you? No way. Will your friends come everyday to care for your pets? That's pushing it. Conclusion: hire a pet sitter! Leave home secure in the knowledge that a professional, insured, caring, and responsible

person will visit and care for you pets in your absence.

In home pet sitting differs from a doggy day care, a kennel or begging a favor from friends and family. A pet sitter will come to your home and care for your pet in the environment where he is most comfortable allowing him to maintain a routine as close as possible to the one he is accustomed to. For many pets, maintaining their normal routine can greatly reduce the stress of your being gone.

Amy has been our "Noon Nanny" for 6 years.  We Love her!  She always comes when she says she will and takes us for a walk or plays with us in our back yard. ~Kady the Maltese. Happy Critter since 2004. more...paw prints

A Pet Sitter is Affordable and Reliable

Pet sitting can be your most affordable and reliable option. Kennels may charge on a per pet basis. Amy's Happy Critters, Inc. charges the same price per visit no matter how many pets you have. That can make pet sitting a more economical choice for multi-pet, multi-species households. Relying on friends and family can be difficult as they have other work and personal obligations. At Amy's Happy Critters your pet is our work "obligation"! Our pet sitters also have plans in place to efficiently handle emergency and non-emergency household, weather and pet related problems.

Stay in Touch with Your Pets While Away!

Customer service is also a priority at Amy's Happy Critters. I know that leaving your pet in the care of a pet sitter is no small decision. I am available by phone, email and text message during operating hours. I have experience securely managing client keys and alarm codes. I will visit your pet no matter the weather and report back to you.

Updates can be received as often as you like via:

  • Phone call
  • Email message
  • Text message
  • Photo text
  • Video text
Or you may choose to be undisturbed knowing that no news is good news. Either way, I will leave a note at your home showing the date and time I visited with a brief description of each visit.

Pet Sitting Pricing Explained

Can you hire a pet sitter for less? Maybe the high schooler next door, or a part time sitter would charge less. Consider some things you may not get with less expensive sitters that you will get when you hire Amy's Happy Critters.

Professional: I carry insurance and a bond through KennelPro. Pet sitting does not require a license. I use specialty pet sitting software that allows me to keep track of your home and each pets details, create and send schedules and invoices quickly over email.

Reliability: I will always visit your pet, even in heavy rain and deep snow. Your pet sitting appointment will be met!

Experience: This has been my job for the last nine years. I'm committed to quality pet care. Our priority is your pets! My goal is to be the best pet sitter in Indianapolis.

Emergency Care: Emergencies do happen. Some clients have experienced household and pet emergencies while away. I gather all necessary emergency information at our first meeting and ack quickly to secure your home and pets when necessary.

Love: If you read some of my testimonials you'll see, "Amy loves animals" over and over again. As an animal lover and pet owner I know how important it is to know that pets receive the affection they need while you're gone.

Customer Pledge

Our Pledge to our Customers

To our customers we always pledge to:

  • Provide quality care
  • Be dependable
  • Keep your animal safe and healthy
  • Provide adequate exercise and interactive play
  • Understand your pet's unique personality
  • Be a friendly face that your pet is happy to see
  • Provide appropriate medical attention if necessary
  • Notify you or your representative in case of any problems or emergencies
  • Provide reasonable and responsible care to your property
  • Preform scheduled visits no matter the weather
  • Become a valued member of your pet care team
  • Meet your needs as you define them by listening and responding accordingly
  • Respond positively to customer feedback
  • You can depend on us.

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Included Services with Every Visit

Each visit, we give plenty of love and attention to all your pets. For no additional charge, the following services are also available:
  • Feeding fish and other household pets
  • Watering plants
  • Filling outdoor bird feeders
  • Bringing in the paper, mail and packages
  • Taking out the trash
  • Adjusting lights and window coverings
  • Walkthroughs to identify household emergencies
  • Adjusting thermostat
  • Cleaning pet messes

Pet Sitting Prices

Amy's Happy Critter's has no additional charges for multi-pet households or to perform chores. Our pet sitting rates are simple:

30 Minute visit: $20
45 Minute visit: $25
60 Minute visit: $30
Pet Taxi: $15
each way

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