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Client Testimonials for Amy's Happy Critters Pet Sitting

From Sherry R. and dogs Deano, Griffin and Bugsy

One of the most stressful times in a pet owners lives is the idea of "being away from home". Whether you are only gone during the day at work or gone for a week or two on vacation, the well-being, safety and comfort of our four-legged family members in our absence can be very stressful. Amy's Happy Critters, however,  takes the worry out of being away. After researching and meeting many other dog walkers, Amy's demeanor with my "family" was unbeatable. I felt comfortable with Amy since the first moment we met.  I have now had the honor of working with Amy for over four (4) years. She is as dependable as the sun rising in the morning. She is reliable, flexible and 100% responsible. She cares for each pet as if they were her own. She leaves communications after each visit describing the day and the tasks completed at each visit. Plain and simple... Amy is absolutely wonderful!.

From Jane R. and cats Spike and Oreo

Amy DeFelice, owner of Amy’s Happy Critters, has been our pet sitter since we moved downtown in March 2005. Her name came to us via our neighborhood email group list when another neighbor sent an email to the group asking for recommendations for pet sitters.

Amy began her relationship with our (then) three cats, Butler, Spike and Emily, and me with an initial visit to get to know the cats and what we needed. Because our cats are older (at the time all were at least ten years old) they were quite ‘set in their ways’ and our list of chores (put cat treats in specific places, etc.) was extensive and we have a three-story home with litter boxes on all three floors and two areas where food is provided - it was a long list! Amy cheerfully gathered all this information, a key and a house alarm code and got to work. At each visit she leaves notes including reports of ‘sightings’ – Spike and Emily are very shy and it’s a tribute to Amy that she continues to care for these little guys when they are truly the phantom cats!

Subsequently Amy has cared for our cats several times a year. In the fall of 2009 the unexpected death of my brother-in-law kept me with my family for an extended period of time and Amy faithfully kept the cats comfortable and cared for at a time of great stress and uncertainty for me. Knowing that I didn’t have to worry about (then) two 15-year old cats was a tremendous help and her kindness and words of comfort meant a great deal. And when our wonderful Butler died at the age of 20 Amy sent us a beautiful sympathy card.

Amy exceeds my expectations for reliability, care and kindness. She’s the best!

From Katrina K. and pug Chloe

Amy has been a wonderful caretaker of my pugs for around 7 years now.  She is always dependable and I appreciate that with my busy schedule I know my dogs are cared for.  Her prices are reasonable and she even understands and does not charge me more when I have a foster pug.  She is very efficient and makes the whole process very easy on me.

From Phebe B. and cats Simon, Zee Zee, Millie, and Fred

Amy DeFelice has been my animals' caretaker for 6 years. Amy has never skipped a beat in her job. Terrible weather did not deter her. Last winter, she cared for my 3 indoor and 1 outside feral for 5 months. All cats were fat and happy when I returned. Amy's care is professional, responsible and thorough. She is an invaluable resource for my crew and our family.”. What makes Amy so special?  For starters, she truly loves animals.  She takes care of my babies the way I would if I could be home with them all the time.  And when someone is sick, she is more than willing to follow the medication instructions or special feeding instructions, and she is willing to meet with me to learn how to do special procedures.  Furthermore, when one of the special ones has died, she has mourned their deaths right along with me.  She truly cares.

From Marty B. and Maltese dogs Kady and Bree

My name is Kady. I am a very smart 6 yr old Maltese with a 4 yr old Maltese sister named Brie (she's not dumb, she just acts that way). Amy has been our "Noon Nanny" for 6 years.  We Love her!  She always comes when she says she will and takes us for a walk or plays with us in our back yard.  She leaves notes for our Mom every visit.  Sometimes Amy tells her about the funny things we do and that makes her laugh at the end of a busy day.  Brie and I love the way Amy pets and plays with us when she comes and best of all is the treat she gives us when she leaves!  Sometimes I may have an ear ache and have to get pills or drops in my ear during the day.  I don't like them but Amy can do that too.  If you need someone to be your pet's "Nanny" just call my Mom and she'll put the phone up to my ear so I can tell you how much we love our Amy!

From Meg G. & Collie dogs Casey and Teddy and Linus and cats Carley, G.W., Pumpkin and Zoe

I first spoke to Amy a couple of weeks after moving to Indianapolis because I needed someone to care for our critters over Christmas vacation.  I could tell that she would be a good fit because even my shy, skittish sheltie went over to her!  I ultimately decided to have her come for midday visits to let the dogs have a potty break due to my long workdays.  When I added a puppy, those visits increased to a 30 min. visit so she would have time to take care of the youngster and give him some exercise.  I've been having her come for a longer midday visit ever since and my dogs are better for it. 

Over the years, she has witnessed my geriatric pets dying and seen newcomers join the family.  I can honestly say that there is no way I could've added a puppy without her help!  And I should note that she's now helped me with two puppies. What makes Amy so special?  For starters, she truly loves animals.  She takes care of my babies the way I would if I could be home with them all the time.  And when someone is sick, she is more than willing to follow the medication instructions or special feeding instructions, and she is willing to meet with me to learn how to do special procedures.  Furthermore, when one of the special ones has died, she has mourned their deaths right along with me.  She truly cares.

From Eric S. and Rabbit Louie

The first time we went out of town for a long weekend after getting our pet rabbit, Louis, our friend was supposed to check in on her.  When we got back a few days later, she was starving and thirsty as our friend had forgotten.  That's when we decided we needed a reliable and trustworthy sitter.  A friend recommended Amy and we couldn't be happier 4 years later. Amy is reliable, trustworthy, and worth the small cost to allow us to relax over long weekends or week-long vacations.  And the report cards she leaves are fun to read when we get back and know our pet has been well cared for.

From Jennifer and Scott and dogs Gunner and Molly and the “Invisible Kitties”

my husband ... and I live in Indianapolis with our 2 big dogs and 2 cats. (my husband) is a firefighter and has an unusual schedule and I travel for my job so it’s necessary that we have a reliable Care Provider for our animals.

Gunner, our first dog, will be 9 this fall and we’ve used Amy at Amy’s Happy Critters his whole life. I researched, and met with several Pet Care Providers before I found one I was comfortable with…Miss Amy! That’s what we call her to the dogs, and they love her so much that when we say it…..they run to the front windows to see if she’s here. (So now, we have to spell it. )

As well, Amy came recommended to us by our veterinarian office, Broad Ripple Animal Clinic.

A few years ago, I brought shy little ‘Rescued From The Side of The Road Molly’ home. I didn’t know how it would go when we had to be away….but with time, and patience, and love, from Miss Amy, she and Molly have become friends. She now greets Amy at the door with wags and even some kisses! This is quite a milestone for a nervous little dog who has trust issues. She’s grown to love Miss Amy as much as Gunner, and for that I am thrilled!

Amy always leaves a note as to the events of each visit which are always very detailed. And, because I’m a nervous wreck when I’m away from home, Amy will text me after each visit to let me know the dogs are okay, and that all is well at our house. This means SO much to me, and is very reassuring.

Even if our dogs are at the kennel we have Miss Amy come take care of our kitties, get the paper and mail, and just make sure everything is okay at our house. It’s a great feeling to know that when we’re out of town we have someone who is reliable and trustworthy taking care of things at our house.

I don’t know what we’d do without Miss Amy….she’s a HUGE help to us and would be impossible to replace. Knock on wood that we never have to!

From Barbara L. and Ziggy the miniture poodle

My Name is Ziggy and I am an adorable 4 year old miniature poodle (if I do say so, myself). Amy's Happy Critters, Inc. has been walking me 7 days a week for over 3 years. Amy, herself, comes every day, no matter what the weather is, and takes me for a vigorous stroll. Some days when my owner, Barb, is very busy and son’t be home, she gives me my food. When Amy’s not going to be available, she makes arrangements to have someone capable come and visit me.

I really love amy, especially when she calls me Handsome, and look forward to seeing her every day. She’s extremely dependable, kindhearted ad we always have a good time together. If you’re considering hiring someone to pet sit or exercise your pet, I don’t believe you could find anyone better than Amy. My owner says to contact her with any questions cause she agrees with me. I don't’ have an email address but she does.

From Nancy V., and Orczy the dog, Burrito the burro and Thelwell

The multiple households of our family have used Amy's Happy Critters for years to care for our animals when we're away.  Amy has provided excellent care for our dogs, cats, horses, and any other animals that turn up in our lives from time to time. ;-)  Whenever I am asked by friends to recommend a pet-sitter, Amy's name and number are the first I offer; she has never let us down.  The fact that Amy is knowledgeable about horses and ponies (in addition to dogs and cats) has given us great peace of mind; she was quick to notice a problem and alerted our vet when one of our ponies foundered once while we were on vacation.  Amy leaves daily notes about her visits about our animals' behavior at each visit.  She is easily reached by phone if we have a question, and several members of our family have communicated with her from places like Alaska and the Caribbean; it gives us great peace of mind to know that detailed information about our animals is just a phone call away.  I highly recommend Amy for any needed pet care!

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